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Why attend New Baby Matters classes?

Topics that matter

We cover all the topics that matter to you as a new parent, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need.


You can attend our classes at any time during your pregnancy, or after you have had your baby. Each class is offered as a stand alone class, enabling you to choose the topics that matter to you most. Having said that, many of our parents attend more than one class.


Our classes are held at St Leonard’s Practice in central Exeter, making the classes accessible for all. Our classes are also very affordable at only £30 per class, (£45 for couples).

refresher second baby class for parents expecting again

We offer a unique refresher class for parents expecting another baby. This class gives you essential information and useful tips to prepare for life two or more children.


It is hugely important to make friends and have a good support network as you embark on the journey of parenthood. We have teamed up with InMutual, a modern community app enabling you to immediately connect with like minded people who have also attended or are booked onto our classes. We also host events for new grand parents.

Expert knowledge

All of our classes are taught by highly experienced professionals, who are experts in their field. This ensures you get the very best information on all that matters. 


Each class is only £30 or £45 for couples, and you can choose the classes that really matter to you.


We like to think that our classes are fun! As well as increasing your knowledge and confidence, the classes are taught in a safe, informal fashion, giving you plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Our classes include

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