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Therese Solon

founder of new baby matters
antenatal teacher, breastfeeding specialist, infant sleep coach

Therese teaches newborn baby care, breastfeeding, sleep and routine, and second baby classes.

Therese qualified as an antenatal teacher in 2004 and has been teaching antenatal and postnatal classes, including breastfeeding classes for both first and second time parents in London.  She moved to Exeter in January 2018, and is delighted to offer New Baby Matters classes to new parents and grandparents in Exeter and beyond.

She believes in the importance of preparing new parents for life with a baby, and saw a real need for classes dealing with a range of postnatal topics. Her experience and passion prompted her to set up New Baby Matters. Therese’s teaching style is supportive, objective and empowering.

She is qualified in providing breastfeeding support and she has helped hundreds of new mums in the early postnatal period. She has recently completed a course to become an Infant sleep trainer.

She has kept her link with London, and works with BundleLondon, where she teaches monthly workshops for mums expecting their next baby. She is a mother of four children, her eldest born in 2001 and her youngest in 2007 and draws on her experience as a mother, as well as her professional expertise.

Anna Thomson


Anna teaches weaning and nutrition classes

Anna is a registered nutritionist with private practices in Exeter and Totnes. She has a BSc in Nutritional Medicine. She is also a director and founder of Nourishing Families, a social enterprise that supports parents and children in establishing a long-term, positive relationship with food. 

Whether working one to one with clients or families in groups she focuses on small, doable changes that combined will have a real impact. Messages around what constitutes a healthy diet can be confusing and contradictory. Anna takes a simple and straightforward approach, focussing on what to include rather than remove in diet. For her, the enjoyment of our food and mealtimes is the most important. She also draws on her experience of Japanese food culture from several years spent living in Japan.

In the weaning classes, Anna will guide parents through the gentle process of moving away from an exclusive milk diet to baby eating family food. Anna has three children, now aged 6, 9 and 12 so has had first-hand experience of weaning using both purees and baby led weaning. The sessions will be informal with plenty of time for questions and discussion. 

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Dr Nicola Scott

General practitioner

Nicola teaches safe baby and postnatal maternal health classes

Nicola is a local GP and mum of three, with training in Emergency medicine and basic life support. She has an interest in education and teach both in practice and at Exeter Medical School.  When not dashing round after the kids she likes running with the family dog Herbie and enjoys having a go at any water based activities, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking you name it!

Being a new parent can be overwhelming, with advice from all angles but she is an enthusiastic proponent of a common-sense approach. With her experience and knowledge, she can help give you information and tips that will make you feel more confident looking after yourself and your baby in the early weeks and beyond. Her sessions aim to be informal and interactive, so you have an opportunity to discuss any concerns and ask questions.

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Ruth Harvey


Ruth teaches pregnancy nutrition

Ruth is a Registered Dietitian having worked in the NHS, in research and abroad in Australia.  After having 2 children Ruth founded Pod&Pea Nutrition offering workshops and individual consultations to provide other Mums with a reliable source of nutrition information to help nourish themselves and their family.  

Being a Mum brings unique challenges surrounding food that we may not have had to consider previously.  What we eat during pregnancy and what we feed our children impacts their health during their lifetime.  Prioritising your own health and nutrition can be difficult when you are busy looking after your children.  Your body shape and metabolism may have changed post-babies and you may find it harder to eat the foods you know you should be.  

Ruth offers practical tips and advice based on scientific evidence, enabling you to decide what is best for you and your family. If you have any complex medical conditions that require more personalised care, Ruth is able to adapt the advice to take this into consideration.  Her workshops will provide you with lots of ideas to take home, plus the opportunity to have all your nutrition questions answered, leaving you feeling confident that you are providing your young family with the best nutrition.

Our classes include

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