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Two’s company - preparing for your next arrival

Expecting another baby is wonderful. There will be different issues from your last pregnancy and birth around how to adjust to life with more than one child, whilst ensuring you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Our second baby class has been carefully designed to prepare you for the many aspects of becoming a parent of two, (or three or more!), and is an essential guide, whatever the age gap between your children.

This class focuses exclusively on topics around having your next baby, but you are of course welcome to attend other classes within our programme.


Topics include: 

✓   How labour and birth are different each time
✓   Preparing your older child for your new baby
✓   Getting everything organised in the lead up to the due date
✓   How your child might react to the new baby
✓   Support in the early postnatal period
✓   Day to day routine with two, including bath and bed time, and managing the needs of two as well as yourself
✓   Feeding your new baby with a toddler around

You will find the dates we are running the class and a booking form at the following link:

Our other classes include

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