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Eating for two

This class focuses on your nutritional needs during pregnancy and beyond. Looking after your health and eating well will help provide your  growing baby with everything they need, as good nutrition during pregnancy has life-long benefits for your child’s future health. It's also a great time for you to establish healthy eating habits for yourself.  You can attend the class at any stage of your pregnancy or if you are planning to conceive.


Topics include:

✓   The nutritional needs of you and your baby in each trimester
✓   Foods to focus on eating during pregnancy
✓   Managing morning sickness
✓   Preparing for the birth
✓   Meal preparation for after the birth
✓   Foods to help with breastfeeding, tiredness and sleep
✓   Diet and your post-baby body

·You will find the dates we are running the class and a booking form at the following link:

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