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Look after yourself when your baby is born

When you are pregnant you are acutely aware of the changes occurring within your body as your pregnancy progresses. It can be hard to imagine what your body will be like soon after giving birth, and also the emotional impact of the early postnatal period. This class goes through the details of what to expect, and gives you support and tips on how to manage to look after yourself in the best possible way.


Topics include:

✓   Your body after birth, what to expect
✓   How you might feel after birth, maternal well being, how to look after yourself
✓   Restarting exercise
✓   Postnatal blues and postnatal depression
✓   Support network
✓   What to expect from you midwife/health visitor
✓   Out and about with baby

·You will find the dates we are running the class and a booking form at the following link:

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