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Babies need milk only for the first six months…

…before they are introduced to solid foods. This class gives lots of tips and ideas on which foods to introduce and how to make the transition to solid food enjoyable for both parent and baby. You can attend this class at any time during pregnancy, or if you have already had your baby. You are welcome to bring your baby to the class.


Topics include:

✓   Nutrition for mum, how to eat well, both in the antenatal and postnatal period
✓   Weaning your baby at six months, first solid foods
✓   Introducing a range of different foods
✓   Stages of weaning
✓   Baby led weaning versus spoon feeding
✓   Recipes ideas and resources
✓   How to plan, shop, cook and store food, plus batch cooking and freezing food 

You will find the dates we are running the class and a booking form at the following link:

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