Frequently asked questions

When can I join your classes?

You can join at any time during your pregnancy for all our classes. If you have already had your baby, that’s fine too, you are welcome to bring your baby.


Where are your classes held? 

Classes are held at St Leonard’s GP Practice in Athelstan Road, Exeter EX1 1SB


How much does a class cost?

£30 for each class for one person, and £45 for couples. This includes a free download of our community app InMutual, giving you access to class exercises and handouts through the app, as well as joining the community.


Do you only offer morning classes?

Yes, our classes run on a Thursday or Friday morning, 10am-12noon. If you are pregnant and still working, you are legally entitled to take time off to attend such classes.

Please see for more information.


I have already signed up for antenatal classes, would I still benefit from your classes? 

We believe that antenatal classes are great. We also believe that it is really useful to go into more detail about postnatal issues. Therefore attending New Baby Matters classes is a fantastic addition to any other antenatal preparation that you might be doing.

We are also proud to offer our refresher class for parents expecting their next baby. 

Can I bring my partner?

Yes, of course, partners are very welcome!


Do you offer one to one classes?

Yes we do. Please contact us for more information on how this can be arranged.


I am keen to meet new people and make friends, do you organise social events? 

Yes, a strong community network is a big part of what we do. As well as encouraging each group to go for coffee or lunch after the class, we have linked up with InMutual Community App, instantly putting you in touch with a network of people who have attended or are due to attend our classes. 

Our classes include

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