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Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it is still a skill for both mother and baby to learn. The aim of this class is to give you the skills, confidence and knowledge in order to breastfeed your baby successfully. It is best to attend this class during pregnancy, but you are also welcome if you have already had your baby.


Topics include:

✓   Getting breastfeeding off to a good start for you
✓   The importance of a good latch, attachment and positioning for your baby
✓   Benefits of breastfeeding for mum, baby and the family
✓   Milk composition, how breastfeeding works
✓   Pattern and frequency of feeding from the early days and as your baby grows
✓   Recognising breastfeeding challenges, how and where to get help and support
✓   Expressing milk/ storage of expressed breastmilk

You will find the dates we are running the class and a booking form at the following link:

We also offer breastfeeding support in person or via Skype. Please contact us for details.

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