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Sleep like a baby


As your baby moves beyond the first six weeks, the aim of this class is to give you the knowledge and understanding of infant sleep cycles, and how to gently help you baby get into a routine day and night. You can attend this class at any time during pregnancy, or if you have already had your baby. 


Topics include:

✓   Sleep patterns as your baby moves beyond the newborn phase
✓   Sleep cues and associations for baby
✓   Safe sleep, preventing sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS
✓   Sleep cycles, body clocks and rhythms, hormonal effects of sleep
✓   Introducing a routine that suits the whole family
✓   Bed time routine and night feeds
✓   Overcoming sleep challenges

You will find the dates we are running the class and a booking form at the following link:

We also offer baby sleep assessments, gentle sleep coaching and support in person or via Skype. Please contact us for details.


Our other classes include

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