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Why choose New Baby Matters Classes?

We offer a range of antenatal and postnatal classes in Exeter covering many aspects of early parenting, baby care, nutrition and postnatal health. We also offer refresher classes for second time parents.

At New Baby Matters, we understand the importance of preparing you for life as a new parent already during pregnancy, and our classes are designed to increase skills, knowledge and confidence in caring for your new baby. Classes are taught by experienced professionals, who are all experts in their field.

Our classes are offered as a unique programme of pick and choose two hour sessions for parents to be, new parents, including second time parents. You have the flexibility to choose one or more classes to focus on the topics that matter most to you. As well as our standard group classes, we also offer one-to-one/couple private classes. These sessions can also be arranged for a group of friends. A private class can be a good option if you are not able to attend our timetabled classes, and/or if you require a class tailored exactly to your needs. Please contact us to find out more.

We also host events for grandparents.

We believe it is also vital to make friends and form a long lasting support network at this special time. As well as meeting other like minded people during the classes, when booking a class, you will receive an invitation to join our vibrant community app, InMutual.


What is unique about New Baby Matters? 

Expecting a baby is a very special time. Many couples attend antenatal classes, most commonly taught as a full course over a number of weeks. These classes are hugely beneficial as preparation for labour and birth. Antenatal classes will also cover some postnatal topics and infant feeding as part of the course, but often parents feel that they do not get enough insight and information about the postnatal period. We felt that we wanted to bring a stronger focus to postnatal topics that matter and therefore New Baby Matters was created. We also know how important it is to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy, which is why we have included pregnancy nutrition classes. In addition we are also proud to offer refresher second baby classes for mums expecting again.

At New Baby Matters we offer a programme of essential topics that really matter. The sessions are two hours long and can be taken as a stand alone class or a choice of classes, whichever suits you the best. Each class is on a Thursday or  a Friday morning 10am-12pm at St Leonard’s GP Practice in the heart of Exeter. Each class costs £30 per person, or £45 for couples. You can also buy gift vouchers, please contact us for details.

Booking your place is easy. Just select the class you wish to attend and complete the simple booking form on the link below.


Which topics are offered?

 Classes run on a rolling programme and the following topics are currently offered:

You can attend our classes at any time during your pregnancy, or indeed after you have given birth.

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